New Orleans

Well, my little sister got married on Monday!  It was a wonderful ceremony and we had the opportunity to visit New Orleans in the process.



We didn’t stay long.  It was a quick flight down, touristy things one day, wedding day, and fly back.  But, we saw some beautiful scenery.



Even in the middle of the city, they had some green park areas.

Now, please keep in mind that we didn’t stay long.  There is so much to see and do, we didn’t even get a real chance to start!  It was a short stay but as you know, I love greenery.



For my sisters wedding, we went to Auduborn Park where she got married under one of the trees.  Let me tell you, some of the oak trees in this park are about 240 years old.  It is still hard to image, something that old.  Imagine what those trees have been through!



This is the Tree of Life.  This is the tree my sister got married under.  Isn’t it beautiful? It was old, reaching, and clearly well loved.  Lots of people would sit under it’s boughs and enjoy it’s  protection.  We were able to have the ceremony under it’s embrace.



Look at those majestic boughs!  Where I live in Canada, we don’t have anything this grand.  I was in awe of how large the branches were and how they would reach the ground meters away.

Though my stay in New Orleans was short, I definitely would love to return.


Have you been to New Orleans?  What did you enjoy doing?  I need ideas for next time I go!