What do you do when you are disappointed with how something worked out?

I had my heart set on hiking the West Coast Trail this summer. I had been preparing, creating lists, researching, planning with my friend, starting a new workout routine, the whole works!

But as things go sometimes, life doesn’t always give you what you want. The morning of registration came. As you may know, I am a teacher and the registration opened at 9:00 am! I had everything set up so that all I hopefully had to do was push the “register” button. But my students were priority and I didn’t get to push the button until 9:06 am. By then, everything was booked. My heart broke.

I will be honest, it has taken awhile to get over the thought of not doing the West Coast Trail this year. I was so sure it was going to happen, I hadn’t thought of a plan B.

Now here I sit, typing, wondering what to do instead. I’m done feeling sorry for myself and need a new back country hike to do this coming year. Hopefully a couple if I can get it in! I have looked at a few in Jasper, but I haven’t settled on anything yet.

So I need your help, reader. Any hikes you would suggest in Alberta or BC?