Stanley Park

When my husband and I got married last year, it was wonderful.  We had a lovely ceremony in my grandfathers backyard.
For our honeymoon, we decided to explore Vancouver for a long weekend.  As the weather is once again freezing, I am reflecting on warmer weather and beautiful scenery!


It was a beautiful sunny day when we toured this iconic park.  So pretty in fact, we went twice!  Once to walk around, another time to take a boat tour around the bay.  It was stunning to believe that such a place existed in Vancouver!  It’s trail system was spectacular and the people all had one common purpose: to be outside, enjoying the sunshine!


The trees were stunning.  Tall, magnificent, and so very green.  You can feel the history and magnificence when you walk beneath their branches.  With the sun coming just between them, there is no other feeling like it on earth.  It is refreshing, energizing, and rejuvenating.



The views from some of the lookouts was also breathtaking.  It was surreal to look out and know that the ocean was a short distance away.  I was hoping to see whales, but no such luck!  Seeing the sailboats sail past and the big cargo ships off in the distance gave me the impression of vast networks all intertwining to connect people.  Much like nature connecting with other pieces to create a vast network.  All working together.

This trip truly was amazing.  J and I didn’t have much time or money to take a trip last year but this was one that will be treasured.  Stanley Park was definitely my favorite part of our trip.  It was heartwarming to see a place that was so full of nature and beauty being preserved in such a busy place.  And well used!  Lots of people were out enjoying it’s fresh air and views.


3 things to keep in mind:

  1. It gets busy! Try to visit in the morning.  This will ensure you get a parking spot (if you drive) and you will get to enjoy it without a lot of the crowds.  Earlier the better!
  2. Parking is not free. This was a bit of a shock to us but it makes sense.  There is little space on the island park so they want people to use other modes of transportation.  But there is a bit of a fee to park.  The nice thing is, once you park, you are good for as long as you need.
  3. It is a long way around.  We were optimistic about making it all the way around the park on foot.  This did not happen.  It is a long way around but it is doable.  Just budget your time wisely.  There is a trail that loops the entire island!


Tell me, what is your favorite place to visit in Vancouver?

Walk in the Park


Sunday mornings are my favorite.  My husband and I take our dog out to the local dog park.  It such a wonderful place!  There are trees, fields, river views, and just nature!

No matter what I’m feeling, going outside into nature gives me a sense of contentment.  Every stress that may be weighing me down, disappears.  I am just out, in the fresh air, with my little family.

These places are worth mentioning because this is not out of town.  This dog park is in the middle of a city!  So even though we are not able to get outside of the city, we can still escape to the great outdoors within 15 minutes of our apartment.

How do you get outside and connect with nature? 

Reusable Bags

Well, another Christmas has come and gone. A time to be thankful and reflective of everything that has transpired over the past year.

But I have to boast about a present one of my sister’s gave me this year.

Now, understand that I did not ask for it. I didn’t even think of it truthfully. But my family knows me so well, they created a bag for me that I am in love with.

My sister made me reusable mesh produce bags!

IMG_2912 (2)

You can get different varieties off of Etsy and Amazon but she hand crafted these. I have always had a “hate but they are needed” relationship with plastic produce bags. I’ve read that you could purchase produce without the bags but I’ve always wanted to keep my fruit and veggies together. This resulted in bags that get used once and then are thrown out.

Don’t get me wrong, I have tried to reuse them.  They make great sandwich bags, spare parts bags, things like that.  But if I don’t have to use the plastic bags, I would rather not.

I love that these bags are washable, lightweight, but see through. Cashiers have no problems seeing through them and I know that my fruits and veggies are contained.


Won’t they get dirty you might ask? Well, yes. But, you always wash your fruits and veggies first right?

My sister knows me VERY well. I am keeping these safe in my cloth groceries bags, ready to be used when I need them!

IMG_2921 (3)

Have a Happy New Year!  Here is to a year with less waste and more outdoor time!


How do you use less plastic? 


Since you have just joined me, I will explain a little about myself and my life.

I enjoy being outside.  I enjoy camping, hiking, walking, anything to do with outside.  Where I live, I can’t always get out as much as I would like.  But I do try to get outside with Kira (my almost 2 year old dog) as much as possible.

Most of my pictures on this site are from my camping trip to Banff.  The one here is related to a dog park Kira and I frequent.  Love the scenery and Kira loves running and meeting new dogs.  Win, win!